Best Remedies For Dry Skin Acne

Dry skin is, surprisingly, also prone to acne, even though a lot of people seem to only associate oily skin with acne. The main culprit that causes dry skin to break out frequently is the fact that, on the surface of a dry face, there are a lot dry and dead skin cells that eventually end up getting into pores and clogging them up. When these cells get into open pores, they mix with bacteria and oils on the skin. They then oxidize as a result of being exposed to oxygen, and this leads to the formation of blackheads. When this same process occurs without oxidation, a whitehead is formed, which is a closed pore.

When it comes to fixing dry skin that suffers with acne, you need to take extra care because a lot of the ingredients out there are too powerful for the delicate dry skin that you suffer from. The typical ingredients that someone would use to clear up their oily skin acne would be too much for your skin to handle and would cause you to potentially break out even worse, or lead to painful irritation and embarrassing redness.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best types of remedies available for dry skin acne. This should help you find the products that will actually work for your unique skin.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments that get rid of pimples are best for those with dry skin because it saves the rest of your face from side effects caused by harsh ingredients. Read this acne treatment review to know more.

Moisturize to Rebalance Skin

Because your skin is so dry, it really requires a good amount of moisture to return to its supple nature. Applying the right type of moisturizer every day will help your skin feel smooth and soft rather than dry and flaky. And once you eliminate all of the flaking dead and dry skin cells, they will no longer be able to clog up your pores. More of the best acne treatments can be read here.

The best moisturizer will be a thick one that provides ample amounts of all-day moisture. But make sure that the label states it will not clog pores. Most of the time, you will see the term “non-comedogenic” on the label to indicate that it is safe for acne-prone skin.

Find a nighttime moisturizer as well that will provide your skin with the needed hydration even while you sleep. In this way, you will wake up with a fresh, clear face that is soft and smooth and less prone to breakouts.